Windows PC

Main PC

Refurbished PC, Since March 2015


AMD FX-6100 6 Core 3.3GHz CPU

ASUS M5A88-M AMD 880G + SB850 Mainboard

12GB 1600MHz DDR3

256GB SSD + 1TB WD + 2TB Seagate Harddisk

AMD HD7730 display

Windows 10 Professional


Since 2013, System refurbished in 2015


AMD Phenom II X4 840 4 Core 3.2GHz CPU

AMD 880G + SB850 Mainboard

8GB 1333MHz DDR3

2TB Toshiba + 3TB Seagate Digital Harddisk

AMD Radeon HD4200 onboard display

Windows 8.1


Apple Macintosh

MacBook Pro 2011 - Refurbished in 2015


Intel i5 2.3GHz

10G 1333MHz DDR3

128GB ADATA SSD + Toshiba 1TB Harddisk

Intel HD3000 Internal Display

OSX 10.11

2nd Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro 2008 - Acquired and refurbished in 2015


Intel CoreDuo 2.4GHz

4G 667MHz DDR2

128GB SSD + Segate 160GB Harddisk

nVidia 8600GT

OSX 10.11


iPad Mini with Retina DIsplay (iPad Mini 2)

Since 2013


Running iOS 9.2

Google Nexus 7 2013

Acquired in 2015


Running Android 6.0

Windows 8 tablet

Since 2014


Intel Atom 1.33 Dual Core CPU Turbo Boost 1.83GHz


32G eMMC + 64GB Micro SD storage

Intel HD Display

Windows 8.1 with Bing

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