Retired Computers and Systems

AMD Athlon 64X2

Built 2007, retired in 2013


AMD Athlon 64x2 4600+ (origional 4000+) 90nm CPU- running at 2.4GHz


ASRock NF7G-720P mainboard (nVidia 7050P + 630a)

Western Digital 640G +WD 250G 7200rpm SATA Harddisk

Radeon HD2600 display with 256MB RAM

AVer Media DMB-TH Digital TV stick

Windows Vista, upgraded to Windows 7 in 2010

Pentium IV 1.4 GHz

Built 2001, received from previous owner in 2006

reitred and preserved in 2010


Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz 180nm CPU

768MB PC-800 RD RAM

ASUS P4T mainboard (Intel i850 + 82801 ICH2)

Maxtor ATA133 160G 7200rpm HDD + Western Digital ATA100 80G HDD + IBM 30G ATA100HD

PCI S3 Virge 2MB RAM

1.44MB Floppy drive

Apple Macintosh

MacBook 2006, retired and preserved in 2011


Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz

512MB RAM, upgraded to 2G in 2007

Toshiba 60G 5400rpm SATA HDD, upgraded to Seagate 160G 5400rpm SATA HDDin 2008

Integrated Intel GMA950 display

Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard

AMD Athlon XP 2500+

Built December 2002, upgraded in 2004, refurbished in 2006,
retired in 2008


AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Polomino core CPU, replaced with Athlon XP 2500+ Barton in 2006

2the MAX 8K9A mainboard

1GB DDR 333/400 (PC2700/3200 mixed) RAM (256x2 + 512 x 1)

Radeon 8500 with VIVO 275/275MHz, replaced with Radeon 9800SE All-in-wonder 300/380MHz in 2006

Maxtor 160G harddisk 7200rpm 8MB buffer ATA 133

Pioneer DVR-110 16X DVD+/- RW DVD-RAM

Maxell 40, 12, 48X CD-RW

Compucon 17" LCD mon

TV (optional)

Windows XP Professional

AMD Duron 700

Built year 2000, previous server computer, retired in 2008


AMD Athlon 600, burnt shortly after built, replaced with AMD Duron 700,

2the Max 8KTA2 mainboard

384MB PC-133 RAM

S3 Virge 2MB PCI display

IBM Deskstar 30G 7200rpm ATA100 HDD, 2MB cache


1.44 Floppy drive

ASUS Pentium III notebook PC

My first notebook computer.

Since 2002, retired in 2007


Intel Mobile Pentium III 1GHz

256MB PC-133 RAM

Intel i830 Display

20G ATA HDD, 4200rpm, replaced with 40G in 2006

Toshiba DVD ROM

14.1 4:3 LCD display

Apple iMac G3

2nd hand Power PC Mac acquired in 2005, retired in 2006


Apple iMac Rev. D

IBM Power PC 333MHz CPU

256MB SODIMM (notebook) PC-100 RAM

ATi Rage Display with 6MB SGRAM

20G IBM HDD, 7200rpm, ATA100

Apple CD-ROM

Build in 15" CRT display

AMD Athlon 900

2nd hand PC Built 2006, retired in 2008


AMD Athlon 900MHz

MS6340 mainboard


SiS 6326, replaced with INNO 3D GeForce 2 MX 32MB display card later

Segate 10G harddisk, 5400rpm, 512k cache

Sony 8, 4, 32x CD-RW Gigabyte 802.11G

54M wireless LAN card

Floppy disk drive

AMD K6-2 333

Built 1998, upgraded to K6-2 500 in 2000 retired in 2006


AMD K6-2 333MHz Super 7 mainboard, upgraded to K6-2 500 in 2000

2the MAX MVP3G mainboard

128 MB PC133 RAM, upgraded to 256MB in 2000

Segate 10G harddisk, 5400rpm, 512kb buffer, ATA 66


Floppy disk drive

Pentium 133

My very first computer, Built 1995, retired in 1998


Intel Pentium 133MHz


1.8G HDD


1.44MB Floppy Drve

MAG 15" CRT monitor

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